Everything You Need To Know about Retirement in Malta.

Retirement in Malta is an opportunity for elderly people who look to get a high quality of retired life by moving to a peaceful and calm European country. Malta has different immigrant visa programs for US citizens and non-Europeans who are planning to retire on the Maltese islands. Malta is perfect for people who need to secure their retirement in a European country where the English language is one of the official languages, providing high-quality healthcare, a friendly environment, good weather, and affordable living cost.

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Malta is located in the middle of the Mediterranean region which makes it highly accessible for people from all over the world. Most European countries have average flying time to Malta between 2 to 4 hours. The Maltese people are friendly and known for their hospitality. They are always willing to offer help for visitors as well as their warm welcome.

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Top 10 elder care facilities in Malta

1- Casa Serena Home for Residential & Nursing Care
2- Jasmine Nursing Home, Rest Homes in Msida - Malta
3- Central Home, Rest Homes in Mosta - Malta
4- St Elizabeth Prime Care Residential & Nursing Home, Rest Homes in Rabat - Malta
5- Casa Antonia Residential & Nursing Home, Rest Homes in Balzan - Malta
6- Little Sisters Of The Poor, Rest Homes in Hamrun – Malta
7- CareMalta Residence for the Elderly
8- Lyons Care in Paola, Malta
9- Hilltop Gardens Retirement Living in Malta
10- we care ltd in Birkirkara, Malta

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Reasons to Retire in Malta

1- The Maltese weather
Malta has 3000 hours of sunshine per year, makes it the most European country with sunny weather. This warm weather attracts tourism to the islands knowing that the outdoor activities will be comfortable and available any time of the day all over the year.
The spring and the summer in Malta are also warm and bright. From May to October, the daytime temperature is expected to be in the range of 21°C to 27°C with a peak of 30-35°C in July and August. December has lower degrees that drop to an average of 16°C where it is the average all the winter with minimal peak cold periods.

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2- The affordability (Living Cost)
The cost of living in Malta is moderate and friendly for living on a budget as it is estimated to be €1800 per month for basic living. The rent for a one-bedroom apartment is on an average of 650 per month. Healthcare cost is significantly cheaper than most of the European countries and The USA. The average physician visit ranges from 20 to 65.

3- The Language
what holds most people from the idea of retiring to the European country is the native languages they need to learn in most EU nations. In Malta, this is not a concern as you don't need to worry about this. Malta was ruled by Great Britain for 150 years, making the English language easily used by the locals and one of the official languages that you can use everywhere in the islands. From the governmental official documents to the street signs you can find English used everywhere in the vital areas. This making the move to a new country much easier and makes you fit in the culture so faster.

4- The good food in Malta
In your retirement days, healthy nutrition will support your well-being and help you to maintain a high quality of life. The food in Malta is flavorful and they use a lot of organic ingredients that you will find super tasty and healthy. Malta has a lot of healthy restaurants and spots all over the country. They offer healthy food with no processed ingredients so you don't have to worry about dining out. You will always find the spot to eat healthily and maintain your healthy lifestyle.

5- The entertainment
Malta is one of the greatest destinations in the world for retirement for the availability of the entertainment options in the country, plus it is an attractive real estate price, and the good tax incentives compared to other EU countries.
In the warm weather, you can swim, snorkel, and sail in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea. There are multiple rock climbing and horse riding clubs, and golf area in the south of the capital Valletta. If you are a history enthusiast, you will find great historic sites that are located all over the country. You can spend hours in the Megalithic stone temples on Gozo Island, in Valletta, there is the historic Medival brick that originates from the 16th century. And there are hundreds of historic churches that you can visit in all of the islands. If you live on the Maltese island you get to enjoy the great local festivals. Malta hosts multiple festivals each year, from music festivals to religious events.