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Egosan Adult Incontinence 🇲🇹

Born from the experience of Santex, an all Italian Company.

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Premium, aloe-based. Incredibly soft and efficient system of elastics.

Pull Ups

This is an innovative solution for heavy incontinence that combines the comfort and wearability of a pair of pants with the high absorbance of a diaper. A unisex product that favours the maintenance of autonomy, prevents aggravation and helps in rehabilitation. 

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Diaper Briefs

Suitable for moderate, severe and very severe disorders. It is made of soft and hypo-allergenic materials that guarantee comfort and breathability. Indicated for patients that have completely lost bladder and bowel control. They ensure maximum protection for both urinary and fecal incontinence.

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Incontinence Pads

Anatomical, discreet, it comes with different sizes and absorbencies and are used with the normal underwear to which it is fixed thanks to the adhesive strip. Products designed to guarantee maximum fit, comfort and total safety, thanks to its compact size and anatomic shape. Male and Female options available.

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It is a versatile solution that provides protection for all not easily washable surfaces (bed, wheelchair, armchair) and is beneficial for patient's hygiene.

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A word from our Customers in Malta and internationally.


My mother tried every pad possible, all irritated her and were too long, this is the only one that works for her !! Thank you so much

Laura Mamo, 53


It's very soft fits better than a lot of other cloth backed diapers I have worn. The sticky part on the tabs make them one of the best cloths I have purchased. Being a young adult with incontinence these tapes stay in place unlike others. Especially when it's hot and plastic is uncomfortable. Excellent absorption.

Marthese, 72


I bought these for my husband since the popular name brand purchased at the local drug store was not sufficient enough for his needs. These fit him much better and never let him down.

Nadia, 62


Absolutely the best diaper on the market today. Very good quality, very absorbent. Used for overnight protection and they do the job.
Highly recommended.

Kathy Vella

Incontinence products

Comfort. Quality.

When you want only the best for Mum or Dad. Egosan. 

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The nursing home thanked me for gettting them. A CNA told me she wished everyone had them.



These diapers are like Huggies, the all day diaper, or all night. They are easy to use and so absorbent. They don't fold or tear when applying them to a bed bound patient. Also, the tabs are strong and restickable. Since all of a sudden they are not available except in Italy, the cheaper ones I got fail miserably. And the three times more expensive ones never arrived. So sad.

Charles & Doris


I ordered these for my friend's mother. She opened the pkg herself when I took then to her, the product is very soft, no fear of that plastic rustling sound, very soft to the touch, has aloe vera added. Her mother is able when she can to undo the tape on one side to take them off or if she wants to use the restroom. The side tapes also make it easier if her mom doesn't have help as she fastens one side then is able to pull up, adjust and fasten the open side, this is a great feature for home health care workers also, and helps for bedridden patients as it can be put on as a diaper also. 



The absorbency is fantastic, my friends mom sometimes due to pain takes a sleeping aid and sleeps through the night, if she voids during the night the high absorbency keeps it locked away from her body. After seeing the product myself and knowing what her mom goes through she said this product is the best. Although a little more than other brands it's quality makes up for it. 


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